Saturday, April 25, 2015

The 10 Stages of Sock Knitting

As anyone who has knit socks knows, sock knitting isn't always a picnic. There are about a gazillion different ways to knit heels and toes. Do you knit toe up or cuff down? Double pointed needles, magic loop, two circulars? One at a time? Two at a time? There are so many options!!! And nearly as many patterns and sock yarns to choose from. 

I'm just guessing that I'm not the only one who experiences stages in their sock knitting. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE knitting socks, but they can be a bit frustrating. However, the joy of wearing a pair of hand knit socks far outweighs it all. They feel amazing, they can be knit for YOUR feet, and I mentioned the amazing variety of sock yarn, right? I love sock yarn as much as I love the socks! It's seriously amazing. But! back to the stages of sock knitting...

The 10 Stages of Sock Knitting:

1. Excitement. You're casting on and it's new! Woohoo! (This stage is short lived.)

2. Will the toe/cuff EVER be finished?!

3. More excitement. Finally starting the pattern. It's looking so good!!!

4. Am I at the heel YET?!

5. Yay!!! The heel!! (My favorite part. I have started using the Fish Lips Kiss heel and LOVE it!)

6. This leg/instep is taking FOREVER!

7. Hooray!!! Starting the cuff/toe!!! Almost done!!

8. Cuff/toe. For-eh-verrrrrrr. (said in true Sandlot form)

9. Ugh. Bind off/grafting.

10. DONE!!!! It's finally DONE!!!! Then, if you're knitting two at a time, "Now what?... Cast on another pair! Knit ALL the socks!!!!" If knitting one at a time, "Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! That sock took forever and now I have to knit the other sock! But this other pattern looks so fun... It wouldn't hurt to have mismatched socks, right?"

For those who have knit socks, do you relate or is it just me?

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Face Painting Supply List

It's getting to be the season for festivals and fairs, and one thing the kids love about these events is... Face Painting!!!! I'm not quite sure what it is, but kids LOVE getting their faces painted. Maybe it's the color or the design, or maybe it's just because it's one way parents don't mind their little faces getting "dirty". Whatever it is, I love seeing colorful little faces walking around at these events, and I love even more when I'm the one who gets to make them colorful and put smiles on their faces.

I've been painting faces for about 15 years or so. My list of supplies has grown and changed with trial and error. 

Here's my current list:

-makeup sponges to apply large sections of paint
-face paint brushes
-paper towels
-plastic cups for water (sturdy ones that won't get knocked over if it's windy)
-2 buckets for water (1clean/1dirty)
-hand held mirrors or mirrors with stands (like Mary Kay mirrors)
-baby wipes (handy for cleaning up messes and oopses)
-stencils are optional, but can be handy

I like the Snazaroo paint pretty well. Last summer I tried some paint by Hobby Lobby. I'm glad I tested it first because it ended up staining my hand. I would have hated to stain someone's face. I think that would make for some not-so-happy parents, even if I were painting faces for free.

Do you face paint? What are some of your favorite supplies or paint? Maybe something I haven't thought of?

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Rainbow Brite Sprite Hat Pattern

I've been working on getting my patterns written up for my Ravelry store and Etsy store. I have several free patterns available, as well as some for sale. 

I just put up my Rainbow Brite Sprite hat pattern for sale. This hat is so cute! And it's incredibly warm! 

What do you think of this hat?

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My "To Knit" List

I have quite the list of things I want to knit. Many of them right now are socks. Totally hooked. I have sock yarn just waiting, begging, to be used.

I have a growing stash and a growing list of projects I want to do. Sometimes I wish I had more time on my hands or more time, or more hands... Just a way I could get it all done. I can't seem to knit them quick enough.

Here are just a few things from my current list that are (hopefully) next in line.

* Wonder Woman Sweater - I haven't knit a sweater yet, and I feel like knitting one would qualify me for pro-knitter status. Socks put me in the big leagues, and I'm ready to step it up... while wearing my hand-knit socks.

* Tardis Socks - Because, duh. I think these are a must for every Doctor Who fan.

* A cute Lacy Cardigan - It's oh, so pretty.

* Fair Isle Socks - This takes my sock skills to the next level of awesome.

* Slippers for my baby - Too cute with bows!

* Jumper for the babe - Love!

* A skirt for my big girl - She's been asking me to make her a skirt.

What are some things on your "To Knit" List? Does yours keep growing like mine does?

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